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moviesoup makes animation simple, even for absolute beginners.

create animations directly on screen in just a few minutes.
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download free clipart libraries for moviesoup:

The Vikings by Ben Lieghio, Computer Learning in Communities (CLiC) download here

Merseybeat by Liverpool History Project download here

The Blitz by Liverpool History Project download here

The Victorians by Liverpool History Project download here

Trans-Atlantic Trade by Liverpool History Project download here

King John Founds Liverpool by Liverpool History Project download here

A day in the park by FluxTime Studio download here

Summer on the beach by FluxTime Studio download here

Underwater World by FluxTime Studio download here

Adventures in Space by FluxTime Studio download here

Christmas Night by FluxTime Studio download here

make your own libraries with moviesoup, then get in touch to have them listed here.


download the free trial - the software is fully functional but adds a watermark when you export images and animations. you can get an activation key to remove watermarks.
moviesoup runs on all Windows platforms
download moviesoup (7.4 mb)
download sound effects (9.6 mb)
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after download finishes double-click installer and follow instructions on screen
moviesoup is now free! we are currently too busy to remove the license check, so please use the free activation key printed below!
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once you activate moviesoup you can export images and animations without watermarks.

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moviesoup is an intuitive animation tool designed around the creative flow.

no need to read lenghty manuals just to get things moving: where others juggle with key-frames, motion-paths and transforms, moviesoup animators simply record and edit animation directly on screen.

with moviesoup anyone can animate.

moviesoup was created in a participative design project together with children, teachers and experts in digital creativity. we'd love to learn about your ideas for moviesoup and how we should develop it further - please get in touch here.

moviesoup is made by FluxTime, the creators of the popular FluxTime Studio animation community where children proudly create, share and show their own animation.

animation authoring tool for vector and bitmap graphics  + moviesoup player

    java runtime

input formats
   image: .ftc .jpg .gif .bmp .png
   sound: .wav .au .snd .aif .ief .rmf .midi
   movie: .ftc

output formats
   image: .ftc .jpg .gif .bmp .png
   movie: .ftc .gif .mov
   (sound in .mov export only for single soundtrack)

    animate clipart, drawings, shapes, text, photos
    move, scale, rotate, mirror, flip, z-order
    sophisticated camera and tween tools
    animate shape and color transitions
    color channel and transparency mixing
    use transparent .png and .gif images
    multiple independent sound channels
    supports sampled sound and midi sound
    realtime audio recording for voice-overs
    free fully editable clipart libraries
    record-stop-play workflow